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Sedona Lite 25 - 25-watt 1x10" Acoustic and Electric Tube Combo Review

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Sedona Lite 25 - 25-watt 1x10" Acoustic and Electric Tube Combo For Sale

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Brand Rivera
Category Acoustic Guitar Amps
Type: Acoustic/Electric Amp,
Number of Channels: 2,
Total Power: 25W,
Speakers: 1 x 10", 1 x liquid cooled tweeter,
Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (balanced Low-Z), 1 x 1/4" (Hi-Z),
Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (internal speaker, tweeter), 1 x 1/4" (direct out),
Effects Loop: Yes,
EQ: 3-band EQ per channel,
Reverb: Yes,
Preamp Tubes: 2 x 12AX7,
Power Tubes: 2 x 6V6,
Construction Material: 3/4" Plywood with Black Nubtex covering,
Power Source: Standard IEC AC cable,
Height: 18.5",
Width: 17.25",
Depth: 10.75",
Weight: 38 lbs.,
Manufacturer Part Number: Sedona Lite 25w110,

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Sedona Lite 25 - 25-watt 1x10" Acoustic and Electric Tube Combo Reviews

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Hearing is believing.

George Owens
3 years ago

I play several guitars that have piezo pickups and magnetic coil pickups. They include a PRS Hollowbody II, a Rick Turner Model 1, and a Tom Anderson Crowdster Plus. It is worth saying that usual wisdom dictates that tube amps don't always make the best amps for acoustic guitars, but that rule seems to not matter to the engineers at Rivera, and it certainly does not apply to the read more Sedona Lite 1x10 25 watt tone machine. Running the piezo pickup into the Sedona Channel 1 opens the door to the ability to dial in a really articulate acoustic guitar sound. Channel 1 is a TRS which is ideal for Taylor's with the Taylor Expression System, and I have a Taylor to try on this amp, but I got stuck on how great this amp sounds with my piezo based guitars. Bigger is not always better, and that's true of amps and speakers. There is something special about 1x10 amps; you hear it in amps like the Princeton Reverb, the Fender VibroLux and Vibroking , and that something special is even more articulate in the Sedona 1x10 25W, Dialing in tone you can clean out the drone of the bass, pull up the mids and treble, and you get string by string sound that smokes any acoustic amp I've heard. With my Tom Anderson Crowdster Plus in Channel 1, I selected the Bright control, and the Notch control and dialed in a wonderfully sounding tone. Later I used an A-B to switch to the second channel for the Crowdster Humbucker pickup. Both channels run at the same time so switching is smooth, even allowing for use of two guitars at the same time. Of course trying to describe how this amp sounds is a fool's errand but I assure anyone considering this amp, you will be very pleasantly surprised and Know you made a wise investment. My problem now is to begin researching the rest of the Rivera line to see what will be my next choice in their line of amps.

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Really Really Noisy.

Tracy Goldstein
4 years ago

Considering the hype from the Manufacturer and Artist who promotes it, I have to say there is so much background noise from this unit. The standby switch has a very loud pop and no matter how much I tweak the knobs, the hiss from the unit is horrible. My Mesa Boogie has practically no background noise. On top of that, the knobs look cheap.

Tone monster!

Doc Nelson
5 years ago

The Sedona Lite 25 1x10 is the perfect amp for guitarists who perform with both acoustic and electric guitars. No need to lug 2 amps! Use the Direct Out to the board to fill larger rooms. Low end abounds with all the controls to contour your tone. Doyle Dykes 1st collaborated with Rivera to design the Sedona, and later collaborated with Godin Guitars to design the Spectrum hybrid read more (3-voice). I bought them both @ Sweetwater earlier this year and am elated with their matched performance. I used to perform with a 91StratUltra thru a Rivera 55-12 and had very high expectations for my new Sedona. I also have owned several acoustic amps to compare, and the Sedona's presence and bell shape sparkle sets above anything I have played through. I also run an Eastman 20OSS acoustic w/ a K&K thru the Sedona with equally satisfying results.

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