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Solo Multi-effects Processor for Electro-Acoustic Guitars - Left-Handed Review

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Hockey Review Rating 90%
2 Reviews
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Solo Multi-effects Processor for Electro-Acoustic Guitars - Left-Handed For Sale

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Solo Multi-effects Processor for Electro-Acoustic Guitars - Left-Handed

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Brand ToneWoodAmp
Category Acoustic Guitar Amps
Type: Attachable Acoustic Amp,
Number of Channels: 1,
Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (instrument),
Outputs: 1 x 1/4" (to amp/PA), 1 x 1/8" TRRS (iDevice insert),
Reverb: 3 x Reverbs,
Effects: Delay, Tremolo, Echo, Overdrive, Auto-wah,
Power Source: 3 x AA batteries,
Manufacturer Part Number: TWA Solo Left Handed,

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Solo Multi-effects Processor for Electro-Acoustic Guitars - Left-Handed Reviews

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Tonewood Solo Magic

Michael McClure
3 years ago

I recently acquired a new Tonewood Solo 'Amp' from the Sweet. I did so after watching a couple of Tonewood vids that made me go, "Huh." It's not really an amp, per se, but an electronic device that uses the body of your electrified acoustic guitar (yep, its gotta have a pickup system of some sort for the Tonewood to plug into) to create an array of fx. For me, the "Room" reverb read more was worth the price of admission alone. It's really all I wanted, so the rest (including the awkward Distortion setting... I say 'awkward' because, really, who wants a distorted tone on their acoustic, but horses for courses, right?....) are all freebies so far as I am concerned. I haven't even really set it up proper-like yet, but just slapped it onto one of my acoustics and began using it (there is a specific way to mount the device, so be sure to watch the short instruction vids—you won't be sorry), and was simply AMAZED! Now I have this beautiful, warm 'verb emanating from my guitar, that I can just play anywhere. It is a transformative device, and quite magical: I've even been doing Show & Tell with friends, which I have NEVER done before (not even when I got my original Whammy pedal in the early 1990s, which was also a magical thing!!). Everyone has been a bit stunned by how clever and good this device is. I just bought two more X-braces so I can use my Tonewood on different guitars... just pry it off (easy peasy) and move to any gtr with an X-brace installed and you're off and running. Great, great buy. SO WHY JUST 4 STARS, YOU ASK? I'm left-handed (see the picture), and while they make a "Left Hand" version, it isn't, not really: all they did was move the tiny display screen to the opposite side of the unit. Everything else is still upside down to me. That's, um, okay, but not ideal. In any case, I am ~NOT~ sending it back. I am working around that, as us lefties often must. Additionally (for the 4 star thing), I find I constantly have to turn the unit off in order to not absolutely race through batteries. So far so good, but it's a bit of a pain and can break the flow (no I do not want to have to plug it in, so I am living with that). Perhaps a single effect unit (that lovely Room reverb on its own???...) could be sold for less dinero, and might also have better battery life?... Who knows? Thanks for reading. HTH. /\/\

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Sweetwater Customer
3 years ago

Inspiration in a box ! Amazing. !!!

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