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Bass guitars are a type of guitar that typically have four strings. Bass guitars are often used in rock, metal, and blues music. Bass guitars can be played with a pick or with your fingers. Bass guitars typically have a thicker neck than other types of guitar, which makes them easier to hold down the low notes. Bass guitars also have a longer scale length, which gives the lower notes more room to resonate.

The main difference between acoustic bass and electric bass guitars is that electric bass guitars can be plugged into an amplifier, which makes them louder. Acoustic bass guitars are typically played in a band setting, while electric bass guitars are more commonly used in solo or duo performances. Electric bass guitars also have a wider range of sounds that can be produced, which makes them more versatile for different styles of music.

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Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass Left-handed

$1,799.99 $1,619.99

Yamaha BB434M

$579.99 $521.99

Lakland Skyline Decade

$1,580.00 $1,422.00

NS Design NXT4a Radius

$1,939.00 $1,745.10

Spector Euro 4 RST

$2,999.99 $2,699.99

Yamaha BBP34

$1,569.99 $1,412.99

Danelectro '56

$569.00 $512.10

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