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Fender Player Telecaster Review

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Fender Player Telecaster For Sale

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Brand Fender
Category Solidbody Guitars
Number of Strings 6,
Left-/Right-handed Right-handed,
Body Type Solidbody,
Body Shape Player Telecaster,
Body Material Alder,
Body Finish Gloss Polyester, Gloss Polyurethane,
Color Black, Polar White, Capri Orange, Sienna Sunburst, Butterscotch Blonde, Tidepool, 3-tone Sunburst,
Neck Material Maple, Roasted Maple,
Neck Shape Modern C, C,
Neck Joint Bolt-on,
Radius 9.5",
Fingerboard Material Maple, Roasted Maple,
Fingerboard Inlay Dots, Black Dots,
Number of Frets 22, Medium Jumbo, 22, Medium Jumbo Nickel,
Scale Length 25.5",
Nut Width 1.650",
Nut Material Synthetic Bone,
Bridge/Tailpiece 6-Saddle String-through Body Tele Bridge with Block Steel Saddles, 6-saddle String-thru with bent steel saddles,
Tuners Standard Die-cast Sealed, Fender Standard Die-cast/Sealed,
Neck Pickup Player Series Alnico V Single-coil, Player Series Alnico V Tele Single-coil,
Bridge Pickup Player Series Alnico V Single-coil, Player Series Alnico V Tele Single-coil,
Controls 1 x master volume, 1 x master tone,
Switching 3-way blade pickup switch,
Strings Fender, .009-.042, Fender NPS, .009-.042,
Case/Gig Bag Sold Separately,
Manufacturer Part Number: 0145212506, 0145212515, 0145212582, 0144581547, 0145212550, 0145212513, 0145212500,

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Fender Player Telecaster Sizes

Fender Player Telecaster - Black with Maple Fingerboard

$849.99 $764.99

Fender Player Telecaster Reviews

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Great guitar and outstanding service!

Thomas Mew
1 year ago

I've been playing for over thirty years and have owned a ton of guitars including Custom Shop models (back before kids when I had disposable income). I am not a great player but I have owned many great guitars. I am really pleased with this Tele. Quality is first rate at a sane price point. Fretwork is great. I had it set up with .10s before it shipped and it sounds fantastic. I read more might change pickups later just to tinker around but there is no need to. I'm pairing this with a Katana in case that is of value to anyone wondering how they sound together. I want to give a huge shout out to Nick Pasquino at Sweetwater. Nick has assisted me on several purchases and has never steered me wrong. There was a shipping issue but Nick and Charity in shipping did a great job getting it sorted out and a replacement in my hands very quickly. Sweetwater has the best customer service I've ever experienced from an online dealer.

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First Fender & I love it!

Bennett Ryckman
1 year ago

This is my first Fender after years of having mostly les paul's and one squier way back in the day, and I can see why people become die hard Fender fans! This Telecaster is absolutely beautiful! It plays wonderfully, feels great in the hands, and at this price point you can't ask for more! Been having a blast with it

Great Guitar

Lawrence clark
1 year ago

I've had a MIM strat for almost 20 years and always loved it, but this tele is absolutely terrific. I had it plecked when I purchases it and I think that improved the playing experience. It feels and plays so well I didn't plug it into my amp (Bugera v22) for 2 weeks just to get to know it.Fret work is excellent, finish is clean, neck feels nice, set up beautiful.

Great Guitar that better with Plek

2 years ago

First New guitar I've purchased (I'm a bass Player) Always owned Tele's and love them. Bought this one and paid to have it Plek's. Best money I could of spent.. Frets absolutely level and smooth as well as edges of frets. Plays amazingly. Well worth the money.


2 years ago

So I absolutely love this beauty. I run her through a blue deluxe reissue and my wife had the folks at sweet water install Texas Special Pickups..... The guitar itself is a joy to play over my other two electrics.... A sheraton 2 and a swingster.... The neck is smooth as butter and ill nail tones reminiscent of BB, Stevie, and Merle with the guitar and amp. I 'll set and run scales read more and licks while everyone is asleep....I never get tired of her.... The only guitar I like more is my Taylor 214 acoustic.... first two pics were on Christmas Day, the last my 6 year old took..... Eventually I should get some pedals, another acoustic..... oh and the list goes on... LOL

Clean Machine

Rob Wyatt
2 years ago

I bought a demo model from Sweetwater and could not see the marks indicated by the photos, maybe it's just my old eyes... The guitar itself is fabulous. Needed a setup right out of the box but I expected that and I actually enjoy doing it. The fretwork is perfectly even and has no rough edges. Stock pickups sound like a Telecaster should - bright, crystal clean with punchy lows read more and just the right amount of "slap" from the maple neck. Fit & finish are flawless. I am really impressed with the Player series from Fender. As always, Sweetwater customer service is awesome. My guitar arrived VERY well packaged and days earlier than I expected.

My new friend

Ed P.
2 years ago

My guitar acquisition syndrome leaned towards the non-mainstream instruments. But when it came time to find a solid body to go with all the semi-hollow guitars I own a Telecaster was the right way to go. Great color, just needed a bit of a tuning out of the well protected box and it was ready to roll. Terrific tones, very comfortable to play neck and weight wise. Really enjoying read more this finely made instrument now and for years to come.

Player Telecasters are great!

Dave C.
2 years ago

I've had this Telecaster for almost 2 months. I owned another maple neck Player Telecaster but sold it to a friend, so I knew what to expect. One day while cruising the Sweetwater website I found a 6lb 14oz sunburst/maple neck. Perfect! This guitar resonates so much not plugged in. Sounds fantastic plugged in. And the neck on these maple necks is as good as any I've played. Very read more happy with this purchase. :) Highly recommended.

I Love My Fender Polar White Player Telecaster!!!

John Potts
2 years ago

I'm still a guitar newbie. When I retired two years ago, my wife told me I was in dire need of a hobby (especially since she works from home and had me underfoot). I decided I wanted to spend my newly acquired free time learning to play the guitar. I first bought a nice Taylor 200 Series acoustic guitar. When I found that I enjoyed practicing every day, I decided to add an economical read more electric Squier Bullet Telecaster to the mix. It has been a great guitar to play, especially after upgrading the pickups and pots. I also found myself practicing that guitar every day, so I thought I might be ready to justify purchasing a REAL Fender. As much as my Squier Telecaster is certainly adequate for a beginner like me, my Fender Polar White Player Series Telecaster is in a league all its own. All notes are crisp and clear with excellent sustain and intonation. All of the strings ring out, and almost chime. The alnico 5 pickups are great and the guitar really feels solid and well-balanced. The neck also is perfect for me, although I still spend most of my playing time hanging out in the first five frets. It's just a BEAUTIFUL guitar. I love this guitar and have added it to my daily routine as well. Even my basic beginner songs sound very professional on this Fender (mistakes and all). I received the guitar from Sweetwater quickly, securely packaged, and in perfect build quality. It was ready to play out-of-the-box without a setup. The Sweetwater 55-point checkup really works! Also, many thanks to Erik Bothwell, who is a SUPERB Sales Engineer. He worked closely with me from purchase to delivery, and quickly responded to questions that I had afterward. He also kept me up-to-date with the order status throughout the process. I always knew where everything stood and where it was located. Fantastic customer service!! I should also add that Erik provides the same great service and follow-up whether it's a big ticket item or just a guitar strap. This great treatment has made me return to Sweetwater again and again for my guitar accessories. I love this guitar and am extremely happy that I purchased it from Sweetwater with Erik Bothwell's guidance!

Great Purchase

2 years ago

Could not be happier with my Telecaster. It arrived in perfect condition. I love the Fender tone and playability. The workmanship is flawless. The guitar is beautiful and the Tidepool blue is even prettier in person. This is the second guitar I have purchased from Sweetwater and my Sales Engineer Adam Hunter was awesome to work with both times. This time he made sure I received read more my guitar before Christmas. Thanks Adam and thanks Sweetwater.

Solid classic -can’t go wrong with a TELE!

2 years ago

Had a major itch to expand my guitar population (I'm hopeless…), so to keep it short I snagged this Tele (my first one) and it's a keeper! Neck is dead-straight and perfectly centered to the body and bridge, fretwork is even better than my 2020 pau ferro Player Strat - shiny and smooth and so far no high-frets, pickup routing and overall build quality - as always with what's coming read more out of the Ensenada factory - is SPECTACULAR, and the pickups really punch well above their weight - really versatile pickups and not accounting for them as stock. The only thing I did was adjust the setup (a little too high for my liking but adjusted it down to a nice low-medium action), put on my favorite pickguard color - black pearl- and some NYXL balanced tension strings. In comparison, my Player Strat had some minor neck issues when I got it last year I had to address (don't knock the Player Series based on that), but nothing like that for my Tele - it's just so solid and clean I can't do any wrong with it. Planning to do a 4-way switch mod this week to really bring out some more tones! I'm wondering though: Am I just buying Sweetwater guitars and gear to just get more candy? Seriously. I got a whole gallon ziplock bag of Atomic Fireballs (they got my favorite on every order), Haha! There are more economical ways to catch a sugar fix, but none more FUN!

Spectacular Guitar for the Price

Riley Johns
2 years ago

I have always wanted a Fender Telecaster. I finally decided to look into them to find the right model for me and my budget. I eventually landed on the Player Series for its slightly updated yet still classic Tele sound, the stunning color choices, and the amazing price. I spent a week just deciding on the color! I went with Tidepool because it spoke to me and I knew I had to read more find a nice pickguard to match (from etsy). I even got the tweed case, which fits the guitar snug and safe. I had Sweetwater set it up with NYXL 10-52 strings because I play in D Standard, which are the perfect tension for that tuning and sound great. I also installed Fender locking tuners myself just for the convenience of them. The pickups sounded wonderful with my clean style playing (midwest emo) especially in the middle position. The guitar looks and feels great; quite impressive for a flat slab of wood. There was an issue, though. The setup that was done was not that great. So much so that I was doubting whether it was the guitar or me just being nitpicky. I talked with my rep (Matt Kreager) who told me that I could send it back to get fixed, they could send me a new one, or I could take it to a local luthier. I decided to take the opportunity to instead visit Sweetwater itself for the first time. What a cool place. If you think Guitar Center is a music store, then you need to go see Sweetwater. Their facility and staff show you what a music store should be like. I took my guitar to the repair desk and told them no rush as my partner and I explored the place for the next four hours. After we were content, I went to the guy working on my guitar, and wow! He gave me all of the information about Tele's that any first-time owner would not know and showed me ways of doing small corrections myself at home. The setup he did was phenomenal on top of that, and the guitar sang much better than it previously had. He even replaced the strings with a new set of NYXL 10-52's, which I didn't even have to ask him to do. All of this was complimentary! When people tell you Sweetwater has stellar customer service, this is what they are talking about. Throughout this whole journey, I have learned a few things. One, the Player Series Telecaster lives up to the name and does everything better than I could have hoped for. Two, Sweetwater is the best and only music store for me. Finally, and most surprisingly, when thrown through two overdrives (even on a Fender Deluxe Reverb) this Tele can sound as heavy as my Schecter with EMG's. Bottom line, BUY THIS GUITAR. It will quickly become the only guitar you play.

Fine Instrument

Robert Tillman
2 years ago

It has been sometime since I purchased a Fender instrument. I'll say they have steadily improved. After adjusting to taste the action and intonation, it plays superb. The two single coils give it that Fender depth and Tele-twang. The neck is very easy on the hands. I purchased this Guitar for my wife, it's her first electric. Hat's off to Fender for a nice instrument.

Great Guitar!

2 years ago

I purchased this guitar in September, 2021 and I really liked it. The pickups sound good, the neck is smooth and play's really nice, I also like the fact that the one I purchased is on the heavy side. True, it is not a PRS, Custom Shop Fender, or a crazy expensive Les Paul but for me, a guy who plays local and regional gigs, loves the blues, and has a blast doing it. It is just read more right and is a work horse.

Fantastic Fender Player Series Telecaster

2 years ago

Recently purchased a Butterscotch Fender Player Series Telecaster from Sweetwater. Absolutely love the guitar and the Sweetwater staff was extremely helpful. The setup right out of the box was spot on. Great action, wonderful tone and most importantly a blast to play. This is my second electric guitar purchase after playing for four years. The single coil pickups are a great addition read more to my Epiphone Les Paul Standard humbuckers. The Player Series Tele has a very comfortable and fun to play neck. The frets are well positioned and properly finished (no sharp edges). Looking forward to growing my skills with this guitar and the versatile sounds it can provide. The Butterscotch Blonde finish is flawless and classic. Very happy with the new Tele and very pleased with the service (sales, delivery, support) provided by Sweetwater. Highly recommend this guitar and Sweetwater. thanks

A beast.

Johnny B
2 years ago

This guitar is a total beast. It virtually plays itself. Cleans are lovely and thick, or as twangy as you like, and as a distorted guitar through my OCD and a Deluxe Reverb, I am a rock god. It sounds great, plays great, looks great, it's a keeper. I was skeptical - I've always purchased more expensive guitars. Mostly American made. But after a bout with a reissue (tried to read more get used to baseball bat neck, truss rod adj on the body, hard to intonate bridge, buzzy) I'm very happy with this guitar.

Better thanthe one I ordered

Michael ratty
2 years ago

I ordered a G & L Asat Classic tribute which took me about 6 months to get. Since I own a G & L 500 (which I love) I thought the new Asat would be of the same quality. when I got it, the frets were like plaaying a rail road track. I talked to Shaun at Sweetwater and he said bring it back and we can trade it. I did. For a Fender Telecaster, which by the way, plays GREAT!!!

Great sound and plenty of compliments

2 years ago

Very happy with this purchase and as always the service provided by Sweetwater. Guitar was out of stock, but Alan was great about keeping me updated and taken care of. Guitar was in perfect condition. Action and intonation needed a little work, but I replaced the bridge and added a bigsby, so I had to redo all that anyway. Guitar plays great and has surprised me with tone for the read more price point. Had seen conflicting images online that showed differences in the tidepool color where some looked green and others looked grayish/blue. In person, it is a fantastic blue color.

Pure tradition

Bob Brown
3 years ago

So my first day with my Player Telecaster has been A bigger surprise than I expected. I got the guitar As a back up to be honest. This Tele is first of all beautiful. Nothing looks more Vintage Classy Tele than The Butterscotch Blonde with a Maple neck. The Alnico pickups sound really nice every tone you'd expect out Of a good Tele. The modern C neck is very nice. I'm Really read more happy with the build it played right out of the box no issues just had to tune it up a smidge. Sweet Tele excited to finally have here in the studio.

Love This Tele

John Stackpole
3 years ago

I have been on a shopping spree for about a year getting a few guitars from Sweetwater I've always wanted to round out my collection. You can't beat the professionalism and quality of everything Sweetwater does as a company for their customers. A shout out to Kevin Samuel for helping me on these last 3 purchases the Tele being the latest. At Kevin's recommendation on the SG which read more was my first in the three of purchases I couldn't be happier with the added service of getting the guitar Pleked. The peace of mind that right out of the box it's a player on day one and on all days after is without a doubt a must purchase when buying a guitar. I have always wanted a Tele since I own a Strat and glad I made this purchase. All the guitars in my collation are under $1000 and all are great players, wish I had bought some of my earlier purchases from Sweetwater so they where set up correctly from the beginning, but you live and learn. I'm finding that the correct set up these under $1000 guitars are worth every penny if you can't afford the real thing, I'll cranking up this Tele in a few weeks when I play outdoors with my band and putting it through a band rehearsal. Instead of using the Les Paul for Zepplin's "How many More Times" I'll use what Page played on for that song. So many great guitarist's used a Tele and now I know why, looking forward to continuing to rotate this new acquisition with the Les Paul and The SG. Speaking of those two, both fine...fine purchases and the Les Paul sustains like a Les Paul should and the long neck and Maestro Vibrola, which stays in tune on the SG is awesome. Love all three of these guitars a long overdue review, if your looking to buy any of these three guitars don't hesitate....one stratified customers.


Scott Anderson
3 years ago

Sweet Fender. The 3 tone sun burst looks great. Sweet neck and I got some sweet Birdseye going on. Would be five stars if it would stay in tune better but that's not sweetwaters problem. An easy upgrade will fix that problem. Dontae Harris and the Sweetwater crew are outstanding. They will take care of you.

Great guitar, even better customer service.

3 years ago

What can I say about a Fender Telecaster that hasn't already been said? This one does everything you want at an affordable price with some nice modern touches, but everything about the tele formula that you expect from Fender. Pickups sounds great and the workshop did an excellent job swapping out the pick guard (got a black one to make it even more stunning) and setting it up. read more Above all else, Sweetwater's customer service is second to none, and Tom Koch was helpful every step of the way.

My First Tele After All These Years

Tom Baker
3 years ago

Very happy with my Players Telecaster, love the satin neck which I have on most of my other guitars, it stays in tune for me even on some recent outdoor gigs, I will most likely not be replacing the stock pickups as they sound great and I'm not interested or needing the subtle difference new pup's could make. I bought the Butterscotch Blonde finish which is cool, a little bit of read more the alder wood finish shows through which I like. I would highly recommend this series to someone who wants a great tele without spending at least twice as much money on one.

Can't beat Teles

Cristian Fernandez Falcon
3 years ago

Telecasters are in their own little universe; never had one before, thought my Strat was my favorite, not anymore.Now: I changed my tuning machines to Fender locking tuners on both my Tele and Strat and that makes the whole difference in terms of tuning stability.The tone of these Fenders at the range is just right; I play with friends that have much more expensive Fenders and I read more honestly can't hear the difference, I can see it but not hear it.

Great Tele!

Mark Stephen Yurick
3 years ago

Great guitar and Sweetwater always comes through with excellent service. Player Series is always a great value.

My Tele

Ron Barron
3 years ago

I can't believe how great this guitar plays& sounds. It plays better than my LesPaul!! Don't tell my friends I said that,I'm a Gibson guy, but this guitar would change anybodys mind. Thankyou so much for this wonderful insterment!!!!

My Telecaster

Ron Barron
3 years ago

I can't believe how nice this guitar plays,the maple(blonde) neck is like a dream come true,added to that sweet,classic Fender sound, you could'nt ask for anything more!!! Way to go!!

Very happy with purchase...

Joseph Wikert
3 years ago

From a 55 yr old cowboy strummer; First off, this is an absolutely beautiful instrument. I went back and forth on color, some tasty Sweetwater bonus bucks helped make up my mind...and for that I thank you ! Looks great next to my Yamaha acoustic, that has taken me this far. I am not qualified to really rate this guitar, but it feels like a dream in my hands. I've inspected it very read more carefully, and it appears to be totally free of any defects. Everything is tight, and the finish is quite remarkable. Very happy with purchase. Hoping this badboy is up for accompanying me to the next level of playing. I'll probably take it in, and have it looked over / setup in the very near future, but it seems fine right out of the box. I did have it shipped in a Fender deluxe case too, just for peace of mind...the packaging was great too, btw. I could tell alot of care went into the process, double boxed with lots of pillow packing everywhere. Great customer service from Sweetwater, too. They treated me like a fellow musician, which is cool... albeit a stretch ! Thanks, Tyler !

Great Value...

Sweetwater Customer
3 years ago

I love the guitar. The fit and finish is perfect and its a great player after putting my setup on it. My only concern was the setup it came with. Not sure if it was factory or done by the Sweetwater team but it was not very good in my opinion. The action was unnecessarily high and was just uncomfortable to play. Once I set it up and intonated it, all was well. Its a beast and I read more love it. The value of the Player series vs price is very, very good.

Something New

3 years ago

It's definitely a Telecaster, I will say that. But, it's a bit more than the sum of its parts. It's not the most expensive Fender you can buy, but this thing is so full of soul. It's not really trying to reproduce some historic, "vintage" tone that once croaked out of some notable amp by some notable person. That seems to be tougher and tougher to come by. It's a great guitar based read more on a great recipe, but made in 2020 for 2020. It feels great, looks great, and gives me the warm fuzzies. I had a hard time putting it down to write this review. Also, the orange color is dope, funky, and beautiful and I love it. A great antithesis to the over-hyped, overdone butterscotch. If you're thinking about this, go check it out in a local shop. If you like it but can't get it there, Sweetwater is the way to go. They care a lot more than certain other big name competitors in that they actually OPEN the box from the factory and make sure your guitar is in one piece. They go beyond that in their 55 point inspection, for sure. The sales staff both online and over the phone were great. They shipped super fast and packed it super securely. Thanks for that. The Telecaster has been done to death. It was literally the first solid-body. But somehow in getting this in my hands, I feel like I discovered something new. Well done, Fender.

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